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First off... I like windows, I have nothing against it, and I don't see what’s up with the whole "down with windows, go Linux", but have seen on enough occasions people burn Windows...

I had a look at that, read it carefully, what is the guy talking about?? He says "this is not an anti-MS rant bashing their monopoly abuses". But he blames Microsoft for opening up the world of computers to pretty much anyone...

And yet all I can see is that he is talking about is Spam and how it is the users fault. He even admits that in Linux you would still have those same "clueless users" as he puts it, doing the same thing (opening up malicious software, or malware, as he likes to put it).

Why has it come to blaming the user? I know in Australia we have received some pretty bad email scams. There was one which looked like it was from a bank. I thank God that I not only wasn't with that bank, but also that I'm a pretty good PC user to know not to trust an email asking for personal information.

Some people, and I am grateful there are some still out there, are actually trustworthy of others (well at least to some degree). This is slowly being etched out with time, as more and more people are getting burnt with the world that we live in. I do feel very sad for those who get burnt by others, and I don't blame the person who got used and abused. It is quiet simply down to the person doing the burning.

How could anyone blame say an 80 year old lady who knows how to use the internet to read her emails from her grand children? But one day receives an email which has a virus or such with miss-leading information, let’s use that bank example. So the bank says something like "There has been an error with your account details, please update them to correct the problem". The email looks official, such as the bank logo image, etc. Why would this lady not know to put in her details?

The answer is that she would have needed to be told. She might pick it up as she goes, but who's to say with the current advances with technology that the bank wouldn't send you an email asking for your details?

Another thing I found in that article was about how he helped a friend with a computer problem... Oh dear... a funny thing with this example, was how the lady received an app through an email... some "malware" (anyone else heard it called that??) actually go through any address book on your PC or email list, and send itself to them. It could have easily have been an email from someone she could trust, even from his address

As for the comment:

That's the problem with clueless Windows users for you, in a nutshell: They don't know what they're doing, but they insist on doing it anyway.

What’s the guy talking about?? Couldn't this happen on any OS? Why make such wild presumptions on the users of Windows (there are quiet a few Windows Users )?? He even states just below that the same thing could happen on a Linux...


"The only solution is to have less clueless users. There's no way around it. "

Wrong! Less clueless users only means one thing, this thing would affect every other OS as well! It would mean smarter/cleverer Malicious Software, Viruses, Trojans, Worms, etc.

The solution is currently around us. There are companies out there whose sole aim is to track Malicious Software, Viruses, Trojans, worms, etc. Educating users would help, but the only way to stop people from opening a bad email is to stop that email from even being sent!

All the guy seems to be is all “high and mighty” about his skills. Did he talk to his friend about the emails? What has he done to help people use computers? How are his efforts to make “clueless users” less “clueless” going?? Maybe he needs to get out more (wonder if his room is well ventilated…or cycling computer dust…)? Lol... maybe I need to get out more…

Well that’s my 2 cents…

If I’ve offended anyone, please let me know, this shouldn’t offend anyone, at least it wasn’t aimed to offend anyone. Windows Users (I hear ya brothers/sisters), might be offended with that guys post, but hey, it’s a free web; you can say pretty much whatever you want to, hence why I’m posting this.

God Bless

(that goes to both Linux and Windows users... we are united under God :P)

"But it is God who judges: He brings one down, he exalts another." - Psalm 75:7