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Well, I've been using FM103's SelfServer, and I realized... 'hey, i have no purpose for this thing lol!!' i was thinking about how I wish i could show you guys some of my old gfx from my other pc which is now not hooked up... and i knew if i had them i could use my server to put them on... but i knew i didn't... but i thot maybe some other people might like to too... so i just decided to use my server to show them off... if you want to put any images, email them to me with your username from here and a small description of them image, like what it is if it's not immediately obvious, what you did it in, when you did it, how you did it (optional, some people don't like to disclose how they do stuff lol)... hope to see some... btw my email address is (lol convenient right?)

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