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I don't know if anyone else keeps up with the next-gen consoles, I am sure most of you do, but I have a few complaints, and comments.
Ok first off, does anybody agree with me when I say that Microsoft lost the Console War?

Here are my reasons for their loss:
1) They advertised one price, but split the console in two with two seperate prices. The cheaper not having anything they promised it would include.

2) Too many broken promises. As just stated they promised one price containing certain things:
a) Built in Harddrive, which is only for the larger price, or you can by seperately.
b) Backwards Compatibility. Which is only limited (top games only {how do they determine that? It cannot be just released, because some of those are horrible, and some of the old games are great}), and only accessible with the harddrive (Sorry people who buy the cheaper version)
c) XBox LIVE out of the box. They have it out of the box, but they promised a limited version for free (basicly you cannot save records, chat, or whatever the bonuses are), but instead you have to buy either a Silver or a Gold membership.

3) Game too pricey, and not many original. How come Madden NFL 06 for the Xbox is for $50, when the Xbox 360's Madden NFL 06 is $60? How much more money does it cost to make a next-gen game? I mean, yes it does take a little more technology, but that is not costing the publisher any more, at least not much. The only games they are having sold at the same time are sequels (DOA 4), or copies, or even the same game(for example Madden NFL 06, Battlefield 2). Does it not pay to be creative, or original!?

Now I realize that they might not be able to be counted out, but they are certainly dealing themselves a lethal punch in the gut... or how I phrased it once... forget shooting themselves in the foot, they blew up their foot with a rocket launcher (Sorry for any images in your mind)

If Sony were smart they would sel their entire console (NO SPLIT SYSTEMS) for no mor then $300, with $50 games. They would have everything excessible with the console, with accesories that we would have to go buy seperately, but everything that a person needs to play a game with two people. (meaning: harddrive... a couple controllers, and game that is for everyone, maybe even just a huge demo disc.)

I think Nintendo has lost the ability to win the console war, but they could definitely out-sell the Xbox 360 if they are smart. Their console no more then $150, with $30 games, and LOTS family content (NO MORE MARIO... at least not in anything but a platformer... I am sick of seeing him in EVERY Genre), and some mature games that completely use their motion sensitive controller (like a sword fighting game).

The only games I would ever play an Xbox 360 for, as of now, are Halo 3, and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion... that is not enough to buy a system, maybe rent it, but not buy.

Winner: Sony PS3
2nd Place: In sells could go Nintendo Revolution
In game quality goes to Microsoft Xbox360

It will be interesting at how things turn out, but here is my prediction. PS3 will be far superior (Pains me to say that... big Xbox fan) to the Xbox 360, definitely worth the money (PS3), and Nintendo will make lesser quality but cheaper games for everyone (Kind of like what they have been doing just more focused on it, instead of trying to compete with the Xbox 360, and PS3)


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I think the best to tell who won was the sales, I keep up very much, I went to a forum a couple of years ago, where I would debate about the consoles (not a good idea, it can be stressful).

Xbox I believe did very well, though it's game selection in my opinion is very tunnel visioned.

PS2 won I think because of it's already steady fanbase from the PSX, backwards capibility (people could sell their PSX and get a PS2) and most people bought because of the DVD player.

Nintendo I think came in 3rd, but at the same time GBA is doing so well, though it's only recently they are getting some competition.

I think the future is bright for Xbox 360, though it might play out like the 16 bit era, and the 128 bit era, Genesis is sweeping the competition at first, but SNES come ultimately in first, same way with Xbox and PS2, Xbox was at the top of the sales for a while, next to GBA, but PS2 is becoming the true victor.

I don't know how Revolution will do though, N64 was the 2nd place winner in the 32\64 bit era, but GC came came short of it's success

Though lets not forget Dreamcast, it started this era, it was such a good system, which had potential. I think it would've been cool to see it go through, otherwise I wouldn't have sold mine.




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haha. I just bought a dreamcast. lol.
long live sega, we shall never forget.
now... to get that genesis working again.
now the genesis I would say was a sucess.

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They all think were like, spoiled brats or something, HOW DO YOU SAVE UP 300 BUCKS FOR A 360! I mean, thats just an insane amount of cash!

(yes, i know im stupid)

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Here's all the comments!


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The die hard fans will buy right away, while 95% of the population will wait. That's how all of the systems are.




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personally if you own a decent computer, i would just upgrade and buy the games for the pc, which from what i've seen xbox's games are almost always on the pc. call of duty 2, elder scrolls 3(don't know about 4)...for $350 on ebay i could get a 2.8ghz p4 with 1mb cache and 800mhz fsb, and i could get the geforce 6200, and have about $150 left i could prob'ly afford the 6800 off of ebay...i'm pretty sure with those 2 things the graphics should be as good/better than the xbox 360, correct me if i'm wrong. no game system should be for mor than $150, and no game more than $30. and you should never have to pay $50 for a game, and then a monthly subscription to play it!!! mmorpg's like that suck, they suck bad. anywho...i'll shut up before i go off on big rant...or am i too late?

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