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i was just wondering if anyone here messes with overclocking? right now i have a socket 478 2.0ghz 400mhz fsb pentium 4 overclocked to 2.94ghz and it's running stable. that's %47 faster than stock ...i'm just wondering if anyone has overclocked a faster cpu or the equivelant by the same amount or more and it still remain stable? evertually i want to get get the a 3.4 with 800mhz fsb and try to kick it up by %47(or higher), which would be 4.998ghz, or a little over 5ghz! not sure if it will be stable though, but just the processor itself would be an upgrade

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that woiuld be superb. i think you will have major problems maintaining that speed tho. Cooling issues to the max. If you actually want to run a box like that for an extended period of time, youll need water cooling, AND a crapload of fans...and perfect airflow.....itll be a challenge./




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Originally posted by bennythebear:
i was just wondering if anyone here messes with overclocking?

Well, I have a Radeon 9200 that is overclocked to a 9400, a 1.58 ghz CPU overclocked to a 1.8 ghz. No RAM overclocking as that is too dangerous.

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