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i just wanted to say i enjoyed the article on overcoming procrastination wrote by firemaker. i never thought of perfectionism being a cause of procrastination, but looking back at school(college) i see why i use to put off everything and i would either rush to get it done, or not get it done. i had to either have the most spectacular a+ work, or nothing. i guess perfectionism and ego come into play there. i need to start making little tasks for me to do, because usually i try to picture the entire project(cleaning, mowing, building a comp,college, etc.) and every little step involved on getting there, and where i can go after i complete the task, which is WAY overwhelming. a lot of that could also be applied to our spirtual lives as well. we look at where we think we should be, and often feel worthless to God because we aren't at Christ level. which for one, we never will be, and two, God knows/knew we would never be perfect, that's why Jesus Christ had to die for us...because we couldn't do it alone. God supplies when we lack, because He wants to see us make it...we got God rooting for us !!!

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I suffer greatly from this. I work on something, and work and work and work, and then quit because its not good enough. Either that or I dream beyond my capacity. For instance, I'm having problems with the character and enemy models in my current game because, though I do very good levels, my chracter modelling and animation skills are weak. I'm too afraid to pass it off to someone else,and as such I'm stuck with level design, collision detection, ect.