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ok, my cousin has been getting calls to her cell phone, but when she calls the number back she get's the whole this number doesn't work routine. so i done some research( and found the name of the business is oxford financial based in champlain new york. they also have really bad standing with the better business bureau. i think they'r the type that tell you they can give you a credit card with a $2000 limit no matter what your credit score is, but they need a deposit of x amount of dollars. the numbers i have so far are:


any help on finding out more info on these guys would be helpful. the numbers work, i think they recorded their own messages. from the 333 number i got a message that gave thier office hours, so i'll try calling again tomorrow.

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you know, i have gotten 3 automated trojan files through AIM in the last two days, and it has never happened before. Im a little disturbed by this. It has nothing to do with your topic, so im sorry for that. Ijust wanted to see if anybody else was experieincing similar "iHarrassment" issues.




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