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Registration for CGDC '05! – graceworks


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Time to register for the fourth Christian Game Developers Conference to be held July 28-30, 2005, in Portland, Oregon.

Go to and register if you are 90% sure you can attend.

FAQ available at

I'll update you as we firm up on speakers. We are thinking of Thursday the 28th being the day for workshops and Fri/Sat to follow the tradition of past conferences with speakers and discussion times.

God bless,

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This is so exciting.

I've wanted to go for the past couple of years. I've been to ICCM one year, and that was a blast (International Conference for Computing in Missions) -- I would love to go to CGDC - if I were closer I would definitely be attending.




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I've wanted to make it to the last 2, but haven't gotten to! I'd really like to make this trip as well.

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