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We'd love to have more Christians in our Gaming Community – cicdragonlord

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We'd love to have more Christians in our organization to be good witnesses to the non-Christians.

{URC} USMC Recon Community is a Multigaming Organization. We currently play Mohaa, Mohsh, Battlefield, Battlefield Desert Combat, Battlefield Extended, Battlefield Vietnam, Battlefied PoE, Counter Strike, Diablo 2, America's Army, Enemy Territory, Ghost Recon, Call of Duty, Ages of Empire II, Shadow Bane, Ultimate Online, Sacred, Guild Wars, Pacific Assault, and Raven Shield. And now Guild WARS!!!

We would be so honored to have you be a part of our family. Our clan is over 3 years old with the core group still intact. The clan is largely made up of family and friends that are like family. By being Respectful, Loyal, and Trustworthy you will get the most enjoyment out of your time with {URC}.

Remember, "URC - Where to Serve is an HONOR!"

We look forward to getting to know you!
-{URC} The Family

{URC}Sgt.DragonLord Ps.91:13kjv

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Hey Cicdragonlord! Thanks for the invite!

You guys sound really cool -- if I played any of those games, I would definately be checking y'all out.

Thanks again!





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Oh i wish I didn't have pay-by-the-minute-dial-up!! That would be so cool!

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