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I'm doing a research paper on racial quotas, and I was just wanting to know you guys' opinion on them. I personally think that they had a purpose before, but now they need to be eliminated or cut back. Just my personal opinion.

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my opinion? racism cannot be used to cure racism----applications and such should not be asking people what their age, sex or race is---rather they should be hired for what is inside their head. Like how Marting Luther King Jr. put it judge not by the color of the skin but by the content of the character.

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they actually have racial quotas? that's absurd. well, unless it is to make sure minorities are hired and not continually ignored for employment. if i was looking to hire someone, i would look at their resume(or application), and have an interview, and then make my choice who to employ. racism, and stereo-typing bother me, including all the stuff that creeps around in the back of my mind(wasn't always a Christian ). anyway, i agree with martin luther king jr too.

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I concur with my most distinguished collegues... don't be fricken paying attention to color.

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Preferential hiring is Bee-Esssssssssssss