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Hey guys!

Currently I'm going through two seperate books:
Game Programming All In One 2nd Edition - by: Johathan S. Harbour
(which is mostly written in C and so far I have really enjoyed)
Beginning C++ Game Programming - by: Michael Dawson
(both books are of the Thomson Course Technology series)

I was just curious if any of you have messed around with Allegro and just wanted to get some general opionions on it.

And I know I said before I was going to upload my Black Jack program, but I am a little unsure of how to go about doing that (not to mention that I need to finish it )

So yah.... Any feedback?

(Oh! and I accidently posted this in the General forum, can a moderator either tell me how to switch it over to the [CCN Resources] > [Game Programming and Development Tools] Forum or do it for me? Thanx!)

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