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Hey, here's where we are gonna list boring books or books with boring parts in them. Moby Dick has been said... I say certain parts of LOTR are extremely boring. Love it though. Also, Jane Eyre is deathly boring book.

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Hmmmmmm.... Zoobooks? Does that count? LOL!


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Hah -- Moby Dick. I read that book twice as a kid (once in middle school, once in high-school). I felt like I could *build* a whaling boat after reading those endlessly detailed chapters.

Anyway, as far as boring goes, Robinson Crusoe is a very boring book when you read the original. I got halfway through it before stopping (he gets off the island about halfway through the book, and I didn't have to patience to read the rest of his adventures).

Although, reading about the way he built things was pretty cool in that regard. There's a pretty detailed thing about how he built his umbrella, and his adventures in canoe-building. As a lego-minded guy, I found his inventive thought-process kind of interesting.




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the only parts of LoTR that I could consider boring are some of the parts with frodo and sam in mordor in return of the king. Those tend to drag a bit. However, as some may be aware I consider LoTR to be one of the most brilliant books ever written

I really have read very few books that I found to be boring in terms of fiction... Augustine's city of God gets very very boring because for about 500 pages or so he picks apart greco roman paganism from every concievable angle. Literaly he'll take one element of pagan religion and spend 10 chapters looking at it the minute aspects of it and how each one is wrong. Thomas Aquinas isn't boring exactly but is what I would call extremely heavy reading.
I enjoy some shakespeare very much, however there are times when I find myself thinking "just spit it out already" when he's "I'm distraught" and it takes two paragraphs to get out.

one fiction book that comes to mind that I didn't find boring but very annoying was Stephen Lawhead's "mystic rose" I usualy like lawhead alot, but that book really annoyed me at several points.

Oh another one that does get a bit dry at times is jules verne. Of course part of the problem I'm sure is just our modern day anemic vocabulary and lack of interest in language itself.

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I think the beginning of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is pretty boring. I stopped reading it just because it was so boring...

I think LOTR is an awesome series...I don't know how anyone could say it was boring except for the very beginning of the Fellowship of the Ring. The birthday party is pretty boring...

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LOTR are really good books but there is a lot of detail that just keeps going and going and going.

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