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The next thing I knew I was sitting next to Krylar and his wife in the refreshments room chatting away over old times on Blitzcoder and I mean "old times" (2002 anyway!) It was superb to recount old crises of one kind or another and to hear Krylar's actual view/ comments on such things. Of course, although very very sad I just had to bring out my folder of printed 2002 blitzcoder threads - Krylar was pretty amazed to to see a stray CCN one tucked in there too, so it was that I spent a very happy 15 minutes man to man with the Blitzcoder legend of all time. I heard for instance of the actual savage costs brought home to Krylar as the popularity of Blitzcoder went through the roof, I had no idea it was so high! In fact Krylar was told at one time that he had 2 weeks to find the money or Blitzcoders would be closed down! CHING CHING - GAME OVER!! To hear the story of these events personally, hits home in a way that reading it on a forum - just doesn't do somehow.

Suddenly SDF had arrived, yep the youngest Blitzcoder to attend was walking in, I just could not resist a loud shout "SDF!!" at which point of course he wheeled around in front of Krylar and me, chuffed to know that he had been spotted. I think I quite possibly had more in common with his Dad of course, who sported THE most amazing mobile phone. Well you had to be there really to appreciate that one.

>> what a trip and what a meet - COLOSSAL! <

It must have been at about this time that I ran into Psychic Parrot and found out that he has been asked to do some kind of "report" on the CodersWorkshop2 event (I should have told him that I would save him the trouble) but what the heck is this ground breaking report Psychic and when do I get my own personal copy? Pyschic is a bit of a whiz on the chess front and if you don't watch it will check mate you before you even get a chance to put 3 sugars in your tea!! Our last game was quite a close call, but not as close a call as the workshop QUIZ!! It was a ten question coder's quiz beginning with 'manic miner' and ending with "Who founded Atari?" Just as this kicked off, I saw one of the coders handing his test paper back in, I realised straight away that he was deaf and because he couldn't hear the questions, was not able to take part. This was the second deaf coder that I had seen arrive at the event and how my brain did not clock that one of them was our very own HOTSHOT I shall never know!!! It is the one total downer of the night for me that I just didn't know who it was!! He was right there and I am so disappointed to have missed out on finally meeting him, that is such a painful thing to me, I am lost for words on that.

come on you coders!! here's some free code I got from there

ScreenSizeX = 640
ScreenSizeY = 480
Dept = 32
Mode = 2
ESC = 1

Graphics ScreenSizeX , ScreenSizeY , Dept , Mode
SetBuffer BackBuffer()
Global fntArialI=LoadFont("Arial",50,True,True,False)

Dim NAME$(4)

Name$(0)="Welcome To Blitzcoder"
Name$(1)="Hello gaming kid 55"
Name$(2)="Here simple Blitz code"
Name$(3)="It 's a clear Code"
Name$(4)="Proggy by Graham"

For J=0 To 4
Until KeyDown(ESC)

;Fading Story
Function IWrite(X,Y,txt$)
; Random Colors
R=Rand(255) : G=Rand(255): B=Rand(255)

; Set the Fonts on
SetFont fntArialI
For x1=0 To 192 Step 2 :Color R,G,B :Text X,Y,txt$,True,False : Flip : Next

For x1=192 To 0 Step -2 :Color x1,x1,x1 :Text X,Y,txt$,True,False : Flip : Next
End Function

anybody have a stab at what it does?

what do we have to offer? mum's creme deMenthe