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Christian MUD/game? – Deirdregirl

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Hey all

I was searching Google for Christian MUDs (or similar games) and didn't come up with much. Anyone know of any good ones?

I was also wondering how hard it is to make one. I have only played one MUD, and no other similar games, but I really loved the one I did play. I have absolutely no coding know-how, and it appears it would cost money, too, which I also don't currently have, lol. I would love to build (or is it code?) a game, though, as I have a good idea of what I would want. Maybe there's something similar already out there, though...I am thinking of a MUD (or something) set in Biblical times...along the lines of JMUD/Judgement MUD, if anyone has been there, which to my knowledge has been closed down. Basically, players would be disciples/converts, and given quests (like what Nicodemus gave in JMUD), more extensively (greater quantity of quests and higher difficulty) than JMUD, and more emphasis placed on quests than on killing (which, btw, would only be animals or in self-defense). For instance, maybe a simple quest would be to deliver Paul's letter to Corinth, and along the road to Corinth, you're attacked by an animal or theives or something. Basically, all quests would promote the Kingdom, spread the Gospel, help/heal people, etc. This is more of an elaboration on the concept of JMUD, which, sadly is no longer in existance I don't believe. So, is this something even feasible for someone who has never built/coded, and is basically clueless?

I think it's wishful thinking, lol...



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nothing wrong with wishful thinking. it's what you do next.

Is it hard? well, hmmm. I don't exactly know. I'm sure there are some engines out there. it'll probably be as hard as you make it.

do you need to know coding? well, that depends on what engine you use. it's very possible to make games with no coding. I've done it before.

and besides, every programmer started out clueless.

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We are a scifi christian mud that is starting to be built this coming year. I would be honored if you would like to come learn to build on the
system we have. Its the dawn of time system with lots of changes to promote the scifi genre and the Christian atmosphere. Lots left to do of course but its coming along.
Now how would this work with your concept of a historical setting. I believe that it would be very simple to have an area for you to develop and it would be linked to the main mud via a time travel linkage background. The player would simply enter the glowing portal and be transported into 2 b.c or whatever time peroid you wish.
You may join the mailing list at and also visit the mud itself via telnet at port 4000.
I believe all you have to do in XP is click on start, then run, then type in telnet 4000 and that should open you a telnet window and connect you to the mud. IF you cannot see what your typing in the telnet window, then you will need to have a mud client. I highly recommend ZMUD as it is what we are using to build on the mud with.
This mud is very new and only open for builders/coders to come and check out at this time. If you, or anyone else, would like to be a builder/coder on the mud, please drop by the game or write me at

Check us out if you wish,
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FYI, for people interested in creating their own MUD's, one of the best starter kits I've seen in this regard is TigerMUD.





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the idea for the sci-fi game seems pretty interesting, but unfortunately i'm not a huge mud fan. but if there's lost out there and it gets their attention and shows them the gospel i hope thing go extremely well for y'all

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Thanks for the kind note about TigerMUD, HanClinto! I am Adam Miller, the lead TigerMUD developer and we are happy to answer questions that folks have about the TigerMUD source code.

Speaking of a Christian-oriented MUD, your discussion reminds me of a fairly unique virtues system that was present in a game I played a long time ago named Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar. While not Christian and only pseudo-religious in nature, the concepts of its virtue system could very easily be adapted to such a Christian purpose. To give you some ideas, here is a snippet I found on the net that describes the game's virtue system:

Instead of questing to remove some all-powerful evil, you are questing toward self-improvement to become an Avatar. Sure there are battles along the way, but the true test of your courage is whether you can follow the Virtues, and eventually brave the foul Stygian Abyss and view the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom.

The virtues in the game are:

In the game you have to follow the Virtues. What does this mean, exactly? No stealing, attacking innocent people (and creatures), talking with pride, etc. Plus you have to _increase_ your amount of Virtue by doing good deeds. Giving money to beggars (no matter how much you give, they'll never stop begging), meditating at the 8 Shrines of Virtue. There are various quests you complete in order to help others, thus raising certain virues, depending on the task.

TigerMUD's goal is to let non-coders create virtual worlds through a feature-rich MUD engine with easy setup and admin, combat, player housing, city governments, crafting, and more. It is written in C# and supports Access, MySQL, and MS SQL databases.

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