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The Jewish have the synagogue of Satan? – warsong

First off I have not seen Gibson’s film and find many things wrong with it from what I have seen. But to attack it for being anti Semitic is a hypocrisy since the Jewish people are pushing for the movie the Da Vinci code which is a fictional book which the media has pushed it to be seen as if it is truthful non fiction. Mel Gibson despite me not agreeing with it should be supported just as much and even more than most films now. Read all before commenting.

The Jewish book the torah has been edited in Christ time to prove that Christ did not come. There is a Rabi on TV that converts Jews to Christians by showing evidence that the messiah came.

I am just quoting what other sites say and what other Jews said.
John 7:13 says “no one spoke openly of Him for fear of the Jews”
In Matthew 10:17, Christ warns his followers that persecutors will “flog you in their synagogues.”
In Revelation 2 & 3, Christ prophetically warns of persecutors to come who He calls the “synagogue of Satan.”
A said in more info on the site

The Jewish organization "The ADL supports gay marriage (Global Jewish News, 1/29/2004), despite clear Old Testament teachings against it." Many religious Jewish organizations have done many federal illegal activities.

Well Many of the Jewish people in the US are liberal that support many anti Christian things. They want to ban the bible and want to have a law to not make church going Christians vote to have a separation of church and state lol.

The liberal news and entertainment media have a lot of lies and immoral behavior. you would think that they would say something moral since they are religious. In Israel they teach kids in school that there is no god which is scary. :| Even schools here are very liberal which a study shows that 9 out of 10 professors in colleges are Liberal that pushes their views in class. Reminds me of a Jewish teacher that says there are no such things as facts and everything is an opinion. Another professes laughed while she mocked Christianity saying that it’s a joke that Christ rose from the dead and died for our sins. Even one person said that the bible reads like a children’s book like doctors souse. I have not heard any positive talk about Christianity when I went to college since it is not allowed in some ways but anti christens talk is popular.

Jewish communities are united which is good since if a family has 4 kids the community pays for the kid to grow up if the family has 8 kids then the community pays for all the kids education. The most wealthy and powerful people in America are the Jewish people.

"Are We Being Too Harsh?
Some may say we are being "un-Christ-like" for condemning the actions of Jewish leaders. Let us remember Christ’s condemnation of these leaders who continue their attacks on Christ's message:
Matthew 23:
13"Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the kingdom of heaven in men's faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to."

The holiday Honokaa which many do not know about is a retaliation attack on them and they find it a medical that the oil they had lasted for so long. The Jewish people are not the chosen people of God and have not been ever since Christ came since they do not keep the word of God.

"The modern Pharisees call those who come in Christ's name "bigots," "extremists," and "anti-Semites." "The REAL anti-Semites are the Jewish leaders who want to prevent the Gospel from being shared with the Jewish people." People who cry could the most do the most foul. Even if you say facts you are anti-Semitic. The Jewish people are not even related to the original Jews since a Semitic person has dark skin like a middle eastern which even Christ looked like that.

I do not know the site well but many other Christian churches and others news sources and independent news sites say the same. Freedom of speech is ok to lie in the news, have immoral shows, but to say another view is bad it seems just like Mel Gibson how he was attacked. Another view is not encouraged and if you say anything then you are attacked. Instead of attacking Christians for say history why don’t they become humble, but being humble is a Christian thing I guess.



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I would have to disagree with a few things here.

First of all, on a historical note, the festival of Hahnnuka is a commemoration of the revolt of the maccabees against the seluccid empire, more specificly after the Jew's were victorious, hahnnuka comemorates the miracle in which the oil for the lamp in the temple lasted for 8 days when there should only have been enough for 1 day.. this allowed the temple to run properly until more oil could be brought in.
This revolt was sparked because Antiochus Epiphanes (who is prophecied in the book of daniel as a forshadowing of the anti christ) corrupted the many of the jewish youth into paganism via the olympic games and in his final abomination he erected a statue of Zeus in the temple and sacrificed a pig to it. The high priestly family, Hasmoneans, led a revolt to through out this corruption and they succeded. The term 'maccabean' comes because one of the leaders, the son of the high priest, Judas Matthais (if memory serves) was nicknamed maccabee, "the hammer".

Secondly, I think it is clear from what Paul says in Romans (chapter 9 I believe) that God has not abandon the Jews. They are still his people and they will be saved. It is also clear from what Paul says that right now the Jewish people have a veil over their eyes which prevents them as a nation from seeing the truth. Also, the things that they have suffered have been allowed (just as in the bible) because of their unrighteousness, to drive them back to God. Personaly I see nothing in scripture that makes me believe anything has changed since God said of Israel that they are the apple of his eye.

It is true that many Jewish people are terribly liberal, and in some cases very anti christian. That, however, doesn't change our responsability to them.

I personaly thought Gibson's the passion of the Christ was very good. The attacks on it of anti semitism were made primarily by people who either didn't see the movie, or believe that the New Testament itself is anti semetic.
Jesus did have some very negative things to say about the pharisees.. but this requires historical background to really understand what was going on. The pharisees were a sect of judaism, most closely approximated in the modern day by the orthodox hassidic jews. This may shock many christians, but the pharisees held the correct "true" teaching of Old testament religion, for the most part. This is corroborated in the New Testament both by Jesus and by Paul who stated that they agreed with the teachings of the pharisees. It was the actions and deeds of the pharisees that they disagreed with.
At the time the phraisees were powerful because most of the priestly families where pharisees and they also controled the sanhedrin. As a result, King Herod, before Jesus came on the scene had supplanted the rightful leadership of the pharisees and the priesthood and put his political allies in control of the pharisees... men who did not believe in the teachings of the phariesees but were only interested in the political power and the social advantages they could get from their elevated positions. In fact, it is interesting to note that John the baptist, and James and John the disciples were all almost certainly from pharisee families. It is very possible that a number of the other disciples were as well.
It is for these reasons that the leaders of the pharisees at the time of Jesus are not well regarded even in Jewish talmudic literature.

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What you said is debatable.


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i have to agree with simon.

many christians do idolise the jews too much, and go too far into jewish this and jewish that(i.e that they don't even really care for preaching the gospel to the arabs or other muslims - they actually hate them ), however the truth still remains

on the other hand, and even scarier is the amount of christians that are rapidly becoming anti jewish.(because of their feeding from the worlds worldview say in regards to the palistinian 'issue' in the media.

on all such issues, there are always unbalances at the extremes, and remember there is much spiritual warfare, and more than meets the eye to all this, so these unbalances are to be expected, however if we focus on Christ, and living our his message, his gospel, his grace and his love.

History, righteous and unrighteous jews , media slants, church slants, don't change the character of God, nor his promises in the abrahmic covenant.

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What's wrong with Gison's film? The anti-semetic claims are false - it claims the Jews killed Jesus but that's hardly anti-semetic (the Romans helped, and many Jews followed Jesus).
And it seemed accurate, apart from a few touches from Catholicism (stations of the cross). But they were just that - touches - of no importance to the story.
The only questionable part to me was their dramatisation of what happened when Jesus died, but then others may claim it was like that (only less Hollywood-ised).

The Jews are special to God; some/many of them will be in Heaven.



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the best way i can explain it is like paul did. the jews are the natural olive branches, and us gentiles are the wild olive branches grafted in against nature. which means if God could graft us in, He could just as easily cut us back off. that's to the ones who some reason think they're Christians but hate jews, after all the one they claim to serve was a Jew!

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