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A Christian site with entertaining facts – warsong

I think many will like “some” things that the site says at

A lot of cartoons that support Christian views

One cartoon shows that evolution is a joke

Or another one about the Muslim religion which I think this one could have been done much better with more facts to support it.

They have other interesting things too.



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Cool Site

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Sorry, but I'm generally not a fan of Chick. Some of his stuff is interesting, but much of his other stuff is full of error and antagonism against anyone who is not a KJV-only independent Baptist. Be wary.


Well like every sect it sides with its own. I disagree in couple of things and methods they do which is why I said that many will like "some".
As for what they believe in I disagree too, which I kind of changed the mind of one Baptist to another Christian sect LOL.


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i prefer to stick with "i'm a Christian". my membership and ordanation is in a general baptist association, but there a few things i don't agree with in the doctrine. a LOT of things i've seen bothers me about some ministers in it. it's not that they make mistakes, because i'm like the biggest screw up alive...or at least i feel that way a lot. it's when they preach mercy and don't show it, that bothers me...but anywho...way off topic aint i? anywho, pray for 'em, and pray for me too

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