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Stem-Cell Research? What do you say about it? – warsong

Some say religion and science should not mix. What do some say?

On another note.
Kerry can not do away with the amendment to have Stem-Cell research.
"Congress has passed an amendment to the Health and Human Services appropriations bill prohibiting the use of federal funds for any kind of research on human embryos."



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Naturalistic secular humanism, evolution, darwinism, etc. is a religion in the words of many of its advocates. So mixing science and religion is unavoidable. "Science vs religion" is the battlefield they've been trying to get us to fight on since the start. If you let them set the conditions you'll lose. The battlefield we want to start the fight on is "Christianity + GOOD science vs atheism + BAD BIASED science".

The main reason some politician's are pushing embryonic stem cell research is due to their ties to the abortion industry. Embryo stem cell research has never had a success, kills over 50% of animal subjects in tests, can be rejected by the host, are difficult to acquire in large numbers... among other problems. Adult stem cell research on the other hand has already produced good results and since it does not require embryos it sidesteps the ethical problems entirely.

Of course, another reason some scientists are pursuing embryo stem research only is because they KNOW that several illegal activities will have to be worked out first (cloning for one).

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I'm all for umbilical/adult stem cell research, this whole embryonic stuff isn't needed. I hate that some some sour polititions are making it a moral issue, when in reality there's no need to touch it, because there are plenty of alternatives.

All this is is an attempt to put a bad face on religious/right/republican people and attempt to make them appear anti-science.

Reasoning with non-believers without encouraging them to read the Bible, I have found, is quite useless. God's word convinces - not our own reason.

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