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*warning...this will be another one of my pointless posts on temporary thoughts and feelings that i'll prob'ly forget about in a week.*
i was thinking that i need a woman. i get nervous around girls, i feel guilty for simply being interested in them...i need to RELAX! not really that big of a deal i know. my problem is i have an on, and an off, i haven't found that "i'm a normal person" switch yet. i have extreme self confidence...except when it comes to women. anywho...if you've read this far i might as throw in a request for some prayer, always need that. GOD bless.

proverbs 17:28
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You've got my prayers bro.

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sure man, you got my prayers.

nervous around girls...
hmm.... well, I personally hang around too many girls, or so my family says. so.. don't end up like me. I suffered the pendulum effect, from no girls to majority girls.

also, many girls like guys who are nervous around girls, so...
Go Benny!

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