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Aspiring Christian Game Artist – Bryan Silva

Bryan Silva
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My name is Bryan Silva and I am an aspiring 3d artist that is delighted to have found that there is a Christian side of the game industry. You see I was introduced to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by my father at a young age and have been saved for most of my life. It has only been in this past year however, that I have begun to diligently seek his wisdom in all walks of life. You see I have been aspiring to be a 3d artist since I graduated high school in 1999 and though I have made major steps toward achieving this goal, I was never able to get my foot in the door. I became frustrated at times, especially when I would be given an art test to complete for employment at a company and felt that I nailed it, only to find myself still searching for employment. I became so involved with trying to reach this goal of getting my foot in the door that I began to neglect my family and that is when the Lord so mysteriously worked his grace.

Being so engrossed in building my portfolio and networking with secular industry insiders, I soon found myself alone after my family moved away from me. This was all a surprise to me because I had been so focused on my goal; I hadn't fully recognized that I wasn't giving my family the attention that they needed. Though I didn't see it how such a situation could benefit me at the time, I now see that it was all part of God's plan to lead me to write this email. You see after the mother of my children left me to live with her mother, I quickly realized that my priorities had been out of order. I then devoted my time into putting my life back together. It was the Lord who made it possible for us (my family) to get back together and because we both continued to attend church, the prayers of our brothers and sisters at our congregation were truly a blessing. I no longer put time into 3d art and devoted the time that I had into the Lord. I am no longer a believer who only looks to the Lord in bad times; I now am focused on being a light that shines for Him. This new life style lead me to reflect back on my goals of being a 3d artist in the games industry and really question whether it was a goal that the Lord would want my to focus on. As a true Christian is more sensitive to sin, I couldn't help, but to realize that the games I had been interested in were violent and immoral and did not shine any of God's light for the world to see. I soon realized that maybe the reason that I had never been able to break into the game industry wasn't because I lacked the talent, but because the Lord wants to use me through the talent He has given me. That is when I decided to turn the computer back on after almost three months of living my days without it and see if the Lord would lead me to something that I could use my talent to shine light on Him. Then I came across the website and saw an article on "Virtual Reality: The Brave New World of Christian Video Games" I believe it was the Lords will that I found that article because I had absolutely no idea that such a thing existed. I began researching this side of the industry and have been making of list of possible contacts that I might be able to network and have fellowship with. Now I have found this site and decided to share my story.

There is nothing that would make me more happy then to be able to be a light for the Lord Jesus Christ through the talent that he as given me of art. For this reason I ask that you take a look at my online portfolio @ and hopefully point me into the direction of where I can look for employment. Please accept my apology if any of the content on the site offends you in any way. I put together the content before I was on my new found walk with the Lord I just pray that you can look at my work and see my skill/talent and know that I am capable of creating any art assets that a development team would be in need of. I truly look forward to a response from you and pray that this is another step on the righteous path to heaven.

God bless,

Bryan Silva

Aspiring Christian Game Artist




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Welcome to the forums bro, I've seen you on Polycount before. I've sent an email to your account regarding your request.


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Hey great work there on your site! Welcome to the forums! Look forward to seeing you around some more

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Welcome to the forums. Your work is great! It is amazing how God leads us isn't it?


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Hey Brian that work is amazing. We have been looking for an artist for sometime now. We are working on a Project called the Last disciple. We have some levels done but lacking some art work. I can send you the design doc and screenshots if you are interested?


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