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i just figured i'll post some stuff i write here, so i don't have to make a new topic every time. well here's one i just wrote...

'so beautiful'

i'm here stayin' up late ate night and waiting,
and i hear you whispering my name, it's so beautiful,
reminding me of the love i know, it's so beautiful,
i'm one of the chosen few and your light isn't fading,

i'm laying here tossin' in my bed and wondering why,
and i hear the voice of the one who hates, it's so painful,
reminding me of the pain i've caused, it's so painful,
i'm praying now for help and asking for the wings to fly,

i'm reminded of the love you show me and i begin to cry,
as i know i'm not worthy of this love, it's so beautiful,
remembering your the lover of my soul, it's so beautiful,
i'm reminded of the words you said and i know you'd never lie,

i'm reminded of the enemy and all the damage he has done,
as i pull out the arrow that pierces my soul, it's so painful,
remembering that i took the armor off, it's so painful,
i fall to my knees trying to remember the victories already won,

i'm bowing my head and lifting my hands as i weep with joy,
thinking of your grace and your mercy, it's so beautiful,
knowing i'll see your face and kiss your feet, it's so beautiful,
i'm bowing my head and lifting my hands as i weep with joy.

proverbs 17:28
Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.