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Just curious but I noticed there were several new members recently joined. Would it have anything to do with "jumpjumpjump" posting a link on the "Any Christians In Here?" thread?

Even if that's not the case, introduce yourselves! What languages are you familiar with? What projects are working on? Past experience? Whatever else you want to say (showing off your high-performance rigs? ).



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yup. that's how I found out about this place. kidding, I've been here for years. (dang... that's long...)

some people's posts there... *shakes head*

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I came here from a link in the BlitzBasic help file. (You people wrote part of that help file! Way cool!) I got there from a book called 'Programming for Teens'. I got that from a bookstore in Traverse City, Michigan. I got there because my dad likes to by records just down the street. I don't have to explain how I met my dad.

My first language was CAOS, which essentially wrote COBs, whichare Creatures OBjects. Creatures is an artificial life simulation game, and I learned the language in order to create objects for the creatures to interact with. The language was very simple because the whole environment was already freated and all I had to do was learn a few simple things, like TARG this and LOOP that and ENDI and whatnot. Taught me the basics of programming, and was really fun. It occupied my time for about three years.

Then I learned C++, and wrote a very, very simple simulation called Gnats Flying Around. The Gnats eat each other, and some of them are killer-mutant-hunter-cow-plants, which is just plain dumb but a lot of fun if you turn the viral algorithm on .

So then I had a lot of spare time in computer class, and downloaded Blitz3D from after I bought the book. I played around with one of the demo programs, made it a lot different (even added a doghouse that I made myself in MilkShape), had some fun and then quit.

So at the beginning of this week I picked up the Programming for Teens book (which by the way I resent the title of; though my age may be denoted by a two-digit number beginning with a one, I do not feel that I am a 'teen'; call me a 'ten-something' if you must ). I installed the language, and, without reading anything but little pieces of the help file, wrote a game that I had just seen on the internet five minutes ago in about four hours, well maybe six. Then I made alterations, had some fun, and am now planning on writing a second game with much higher ambitions- a game where a little spaceship flies around. Everyone should write one of those at some point in their life, shouldn't they?

Oh, and by the way bless you people for being so Christian. I'll explain later if I get around to it.



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Can't remember how i found this site. That was like 3 years ago. Not many of us Old Skoolers left now!


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