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Finally, clean DVDs – graceworks


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Looks like they finally made it, ClearPlay's technology is now in a RCA dvd player.

Any of you going to buy and use it?


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Miami Brice


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No plans to buy one, and no plans to buy DVDs that would need "cleaning".


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I remember when DVD technology was first coming out, how they advertised that now they would be able to include "clean" versions on the DVDs since they had so much room. Unfortunately, I have yet to see a movie take advantage of this :-/

Brice: I would not usually get something that would require cleaning, either (actually, i buy hardly any movies anyway!), but every once in a while there are some movies that have just a couple of really bad things in them that, if removed, would make them acceptable.



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that bothers me. some movies can be cool, except for blah blah blah.

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