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ok let's see what kind of first aider you are!!

You are walking along, alone - in a busy city centre

Suddenly you come upon an elderly male who has collapsed - a few people have stopped, but don't appear to know what to do

The man is breathing and has a pulse but just seems to have fainted. There are no visible injuries either. You decide to SEARCH the person to see if you can find any medical cards or identity clues

a) no, I would not search the man, I don't have that right
b) yes I would search him but first I would ask a member of the public to be my witness
c) I do have a right to search him, but a search would not be necessary in this case
d) I would search him but there is no need for any "witness"

Further down the road there has been quite a bad crash

A motorcyclist has been hit and come off his motorbike

You notice that he is laying on the road wearing a full face helmet

a) I would not remove the crash helmet in any circumstances, Doctors or Paramedics only
b) yes, as it is a FULL FACE crash helmet the helmet would have to be removed pretty fast to gain access for checking of possible head injuries
c) I would assess the motorcyclist's injuries first. If an open airway cannot be maintained for example - I would then remove the helmet


hey can YOU do QUIZ 3??? or ... can you give answers to Quiz 1 or 2??



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i don't know the answers to any of those, don't you hope i'm there when you have an accident . but i can talk to somebody who can hook you up good . ***points up***

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Chiefy, thanks for coming up with something fun as usual. I'm ignorant on it, so these are totally guesses.

1--That's a toughie. Since he's not obviously injured and breathing, I would rub his arm first and wait to see if he comes to. If he didn't wake up or seemed to need medical care I would call 911 rather than searching. So I guess I wouldn't need to search either way. (But what if there's a nearby payphone and you don't have any money--SEARCH him to see if there are some coins to make the call! That won't look good.)

2--I would guess not remove the helmet if he's breathing and you don't suspect that he's bleeding much from the head--C. The medical team will be coming anyway so all you have to do is save the life until then and they can do the assessment, you can't fix much other than bleeding and breath so not worth risk of injury unless you know it's necessary to remove.