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OK I need some help. I work for an after school program. Its for kids that can't go home because no one is there at the time. Well there is this 6th grader that comes sometimes. She likes me and can't see why we can't go out. I'm in 12th grade and 5 years older than her. She told me 5 years isn't that much. I have no idea what to do/tell her and I don't want to be mean. Could i get some help a.s.a.p.?




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Tell her if she wants to be with you she has to wait till she is 18. Besides neather her nore you probably have any idea what life is like yet. Get your own apartment first and some credit card bills. Deal with that sorta stress and then think about getting together with that stress on your hands. Belive me it only gets worss. You have to pay insuranse on everything even your LIFE and then when babys come along its a whole new ball game.

Take it from someone who has been through 5 feonsays. Your to young to bother with that now. Enjoy what little bit of childhood you have left




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haha, sry for laughing, but's it's kinda cute.
hmm.. well, five years isn't that much, aslong as your around 25 or something. it's the ratio, you gotta have a reasonable ratio between ages.

ya know, this could just be a school girl crush, like some have crushes on teachers. i think... can't say for sure tho. it'll probably go away.

as angel said, probably waiting till she's 18 is a good idea. and if she still likes you at 18. wow.
tho, I'm not sure if you can get that by, cuz she really doesn't think that the age difference is that much.

hmmm... most complex.




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hmmm, here's a funny story on the same lines that happened to me.

I was a student teacher in a grade 6 class (I was about 24 years old at the time) and a girl took a liking to me. She always smiled really embarrased like whenever I gave her any attention so I knew what was going on. Anyway, on my last day, she slipped me a little note saying all these romantic things, thinking she'd never get to see me again. Prob was, she had the weeks mussed up, and I was still there the following week. Poor kid was so embarrassed, that she didn't bother me anymore.
Well, the situation was solved, but I'm sure it was tough for her, and sometimes things have to be. Hope it works out Woody.