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Hello. I'm new here and I'm not sure if this is in the right cat. but I'll go ahead...

Is there anyway to post a BlitzBasic .exe file onto a webpage? If not(I understand about all the viruses and stuff) is there any way to make them .swf's (Flash)?

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actually I would like to know the answer to that too

I was advised by one support team to get "WINZIP" and using that FTP the exe and it's files to your website

does anybody know a better explanation? A step by step guide would be cool!

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First of all, it doesn't matter what language the program was written in. As long as it isn't JS.
If you have winzip and know how to make a zip file, zip it, with whatever extra crap you need. You only need to upload it. Say you have geocities your username is michael and the file name is
your website is (or.htm) the index is where your main page is. You would make an a href link on there pointing to

<.BR> Note: You must have winzip or another zip utility for any zip file.

Zip utilities come standard with windows now, so you might not even want to but that last part up. I put . in the heading tags to try to keep the UBB crap from pissing me off.
Hope this helps.

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Hi BlueWolfe, I think your question might have been misinterpreted no? What you want is to embed a game in a webpage, much the same way as a flash file, essentially making web based games possible? If you can create a windowed app in BB, without a border, you could probably make it 'look' like it's embedded, but the user would still need to elect to run the .exe rather than download it, which kind of defeats the purpose. Of course, maybe I've misinterpreted?

What I can say, is that there are some other game making languages that do have plugins so you can do it, Darkbasic with the 'enhancements' pack allows it, and also Multimedia Fusion has a plugin called 'extensis' I think, which essentially allows you to create web based games, providing you download the plugin, which is like a little runtime interpretor.