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what bible software do people here use?

Who here knows of , and uses e-sword
I love this software, it has an intuitive interface, many great features, and about 1 gig worth of content availible.. However you can't get some of the newer bible translations that are copyrighted - though i wrote a program to leech some from into this programs format.. (and its just for my personal use, and i own physical copies of these bibles thus its legal under section 107 of the copyright laws - fair use)..

anyway i'm making a plugin (not that it has a plugin architecture - i rather just insert my own dll into its process space, add menu items to it, and hook API's ).. with various functionality.. if anybody uses this program and knows of some fucntionality they just want.. give me a buzz.. i'm taking feature orders.. one of the ones i'm working on now.. is exporting searched scriptures to HTML (and also UBB ) for a really good way to put scriputres into blogs, and/or forums like these..

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I'll have to take a look.

I've been using recently.

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I own Nelsons Bible Software and I've not bothered to reinstall with a HDD format I did recently, I also use


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I love e-Sword. It is awesome...

A must read:



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I love e-sword! I like comparing bible verses to other versions and the greek and hebrew! It's sic'!

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