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If you are from Australia, PLEASE post in here... – AmazingJas



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Hi everyone. I don't know why, but finding any Christians around me in Australia who are interested in programming has always been very difficult for me and so I'm thinking that I might like to start to address this by getting together a list of Australian Christian Coders if you like, with a couple of specific intentions.
1. To get together every now and again to discuss projects and have some fellowship.
2. To educate and inspire other people in our churches (especially youth) about using computers for more than just word processing and playing games.

I think that this might lead to perhaps our own Australian CGDC. So if you are an Aussie, even if the above doesn't sound interesting, please let me know so I can at least know who you are, and maybe get some feedback on these ideas.
Thanks, Jas.

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hi Jas, I saw some of the ozzie troops up to their knees in sand a couple of days back, (on TV) certainly earning their $s m8

here did you ever visit ? I joined up to the FORUM on there 6 months ago but one day went onto the site ...... FORUM gone!

from your old mate
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global chiefy to yer old seafarin' maties