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Some musings:

. . . I see all this atheism being pushed by the media, and it's hard to keep perspective sometimes. I find myself arguing as if the majority of people are atheists, although the last time I checked the statistics, Christians are much, much bigger. Sometimes I feel like refuting some of the atheistic web pages I come across . . . posting my refutation on the web . . . E-mailing the author . . .

. . . but I shouldn't. I'm wasting too much time as it is. I don't think that's the best way to respond to them anyway.

This is getting distracting - I should probably cut my internet time (including this forum) and get on with life. I've got things I should be doing (such as my Java project I've been mentioning on this forum; I've barely touched it for the last week or two), but I spend time reading and typing instead. TTYL! I'll be leaving now.



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Understand, when 80% of our population says they are Christians, a good percentage of that is people who say, "I believe there's a God". I talked to a guy who hadn't read a Bible since the King James Version and said that he was a Christian. He freaked when I mentioned NIV hehe.

Sometimes we go thru "distracted" times. Sometimes it's good to step away. Don't feel bad when you do take a break. It's easy to burn out in what we do. It requires alot. Anyway, good luck and God bless.


Much greatness is achieved thru faith and perseverance.



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A good step back is sometimes your best step forward. You just done relize it at the time. Least way in my life that has happened.