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christians playing violent games? – DarkLimit


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What's your view on christians playing violent games?

for example:- Mortal Kombat, street fighter, Halo, Grand Theft Auto 3, etc and anything to do with violence...

Is god pleased when we view and play such content?
Is this evil?



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I think that God is more interested in what you do in your life than if you play the odd video game. I despair that people can spend their lives introspecting on such irrelevant things.


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I try to avoid them, although I have to admit I've tried them out every once in a while to see what they're like. I prefer strategy to blood and guts, though. If you choose your games wisely, you can have fun without all the violence.

I'll let you guys battle out whether it's moral. I've got a Transport Tycoon railroad to maintain .