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I'm 15, and I LOVE to make games, I'm trying to influence some of my friends a bit ( and the whole community, hehe) with some christian games. My only weakness is school, because I stay up late and get really tired in class. I just put up an announcment here at for you guys to check out. All of the art was done in paint, I don't use anything but paint, because I don't know how.(See avatar)

Now, I wan't to talk about this community I mentioned earlier. It started out as a Klik Community site, but they allow ANY type of game on there now. It is VERY well layed out, and most of the people are nice, and some are VERY talented. If you guys could post some of your best games up, it would be an answer to my prayers, because some really bad influences that hang out there. (see 'The Last Resurresction' game in the GOTW section, it is offending, but you will know what I mean)


------------------ New Personal Company Coming soon, the members in this group don't like the idea of me releasing Christian Games.



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Welcome to the CCN!

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