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I have a question,
i've been in many cultures and have dealt with the delemma of the 'name of God' in their language.. one problem in Japan is there is no suitible name for God, however in Korea they had a word hananim, which kind of meaning honorable number 1... it was the best work for God and used by korean christians..

anyway... do you think the name allah is suitible for messsianic muslims to use.. i know much of the pagan origins of the name (but also some arabs try to say its just the arabic of yahweh..) however the name is stepped in history of a very pagan God, however today the context is meaning a ONE monotheistic God.. the God.. however the attributes and character of the allah of the koran compared to the God of the the bible is very different..

however if you ask people on the street what God means, or who he is, etc.. you'll get many different opinions and mindsets that don't go with the God of the bible.. (and even within the church, and also because none of us can fully being to comprehend the majesty and awesomeness of our God).. and also the english word God is steeped in pagan tradition as well (as well as terms such as easter).. but God knows our hearts and knows we are talking to him..

anyhow i'd appreciate some thoughts on this..


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I have had some troubles with this too.
I was talking with someone over the computer once and I used the Hebrew name of Jesus and someone who said they were from Japan said that in Japan Yeshua is the name of a female demon. Since you are the resident expert in all things Japanese is this true? or was ol'boy just giveing me the raz mataz. I'm no theologian but why not use the Hebrew, Latin, or Greek names? The apostles used the Greek word for Lord, and Theos for God, and sort of a translation of Yeshua==Iesous which is english Joshua, spanish Hasus, did Moses ever write the name of the LORD down when the LORD pronounced it as He passed before him or just a few of the letters? I agree with you person and character of GOD is more important, when the LORD passed before Moses He did mension His character was reading it yesterday Ex34:6.

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"YHWH", which is pronounced YAHWEH is one of the prevalent Old Testament names.