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I would like to take a poll on programming languages.
Reply if you wish, stating what language(s) know.

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I'd say I'm quite proficient with:

C and Blitz Basic

Pretty good with:

Perl, Pascal

And have a passing familiarity (read, "I've done stuff, but nothing impressive") with:

C++, Java, PHP, Assembler, DarkBasic, Visual Basic...and maybe others that I'm not recalling right now.





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hmmm difficult question..

i;ll still with just PC for now..
first list.. languages i'd consider myself professionally proficent in
80x86 assembler.
C, C++
DELPHI (and thus other pascals)
SQL (various breeds of it)
C# (as profficent as anybody is with it yet)

tinkered but could easily do something in the following
varibous basics over time..
some funky functional languages whose names are lost in time..

dunno what else
man , i'm tooo geeky..

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I am taking a computer programming class in my high school. This is my third year of it. The first year they only taught me worthless Pascal. But from the second year on, I've been learning Java. I haven't done anything too spectacular with it yet though. There's only so much you can do with Java.


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good to hear you are progressing. you can do a lot of cool stuff in Java
what made you think that pascal was worthless?
borland produces one of the most powerful compilers on windows called
Delphi which is Object Pascal language.. very powerful too..
you can get delphi6 personal free as well from their site..
also they have kylix, which is for linux... using this compiler you can produce cross platforms applications with each.. even GUI ones..
with SDL you can easily do cross platform games with it too...

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I do LabView all day long. Its a graphical data flow language for engineers. Its easy and fun. Its not any good for games though. I am also learning Java, have some experience with Assembly for the TMS320C32 chip but that was like 6 years ago. Also a language called Atlas.

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Proficiant in Visual Basic, Perl, and I used to be, in LOGO and QuickBasic... I've done a bit of C/C++, nothing great yet... but am now a member of an opensource project (cronosii) which uses C, so hopefully I'll be learning more soon. I've done a very little in python, C++, and javascript, barely glanced at java, and delphi/kylix, I've done a bit of BASH/shell programming, but I dont think that counts

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I can make stuff in:
HTML(Not really a programming language)

I've used perl but I don't use it often so I'm not good at it.

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C++, Java, PHP, VisualBasic, Delphi, VBScript, JavaScript, as well as some BlitzBasic. Above all, my favorite is C++ for apps and games, with ASP being my favorite form of server side scripting.
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my BEST programming language ever, I felt like I knew it INSIDE OUT until I met TheChange but he knows it inside out AND upside down : STOS

fabbo basic langauge, just love that

swanning in at second place : BlitzBasic

then Commodore64 language, ooohh I still hold an affection for that C64 coding, still got tons of C60 audio for it too

4th place good old FORTRAN - can you believe that 30+ years later after FORTRAN came out IT IS STILL BEING USED ON MAINFRAMES as we speak

so what are your top 4 basics maties and why ?? I LOVE STOS, what a great old language !! and DARKBASIC of course!!

from your old mate
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Languages of choice: C++ and C.
Other languages: HTML, Perl, JavaScript, Java, PHP, Basic, qBasic, and loads of scripting languages.

I've been using C/C++ primarily for the past four years, so if you ask me anything about the other languages (other than HTML), I'll probably turn up a blank!


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Languages of choice: C/C++, Java

Languages I've played around with: QBASIC, VisualBasic, C for TI-89 calculator (TIGCC),

I've done some HTML and Cascading Style Sheets also.

I'm best at Java right now, since my college is using it - my C/C++ might be rusty.


There's only so much you can do with Java.

You'd be surprised. I'm making a 3D game using gl4java right now, and I'm even making a new LookAndFeel, making it seem more like a game rather than an application.


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photoshop actions and flash actionscript!


no seriously, some years ago I had some tuition in pascal, and I manage to do simple things in PHP, but thats about it. So that makes me the perfect target audience for blitz basic. ;-)

I realize my coding skills will never be something to boast of, but merely a "tool" to quickly putting things together. With things I mean design and graphics. So in the future I'll leave (hopefully) the hard programming work to others and use bb in quick prototyping...

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Programming langauges:

Various Basics

Learning C++ at University at the moment, but have just started the course, so i won't really count it at the moment.

I think thats it, i may have dabbled in a few others though??




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I can program in Pascal, C, Basic, Perl, Verilog, and a few others. However, I do not own any of these at my home right now and can not move forward in my programming ideas.

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Mainframe: assembly, Fortran, RPG, COBOL
C-64: assembly
C-128: assembly, Basic
Amiga: assembly, Amigabasic, C, BlitzBasic I & II (my favorites)
PC: Quickbasic, Visual Basic 6(too slow!!), Blitz Basic (my fav, again, 'natch)

(Edit Oh, yeah, just remembered, AMOS on the Amiga

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I am in the process of learning C++, ASP, and PHP I can make all of them do something. I know HTML, Visual Basic. and I will be learning Java sometime soon in computer programing (were I am learning C++)


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I know *some* C/C++ and I use java some, but since I am mainly an artist, and dont really have the time to fiddle with any of that, I use Multimedia Fusion (, it was made in C++ and the games run just like they were made in C++, it is the next best thing to a programming language, since everything is fully customizable and you can view your source in C++ format.

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Dragon basic(for the Dragon 32)-a long while ago
Amos(For the Amiga)- Probably the best language ever
A little Delphi and a little Java
Am currently tinkering with ADA
HTML and Javascript are essential nowadays

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Dos Batch

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Currently using Java at my main job.
C/C++ for everything else.


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I am fluent in C and PHP (and UNIX 'languages' like awk, bash, sed, etc.), semi-fluent in C++, Perl, Javascript, and am also coming up to speed quickly with Java (enough to write games in it anyway). I've also done work with Visual Basic (yuck).

In college I was a big fan of LISP (A.I. was my "thing") and was quite fluent in it. I also used Prolog but never really liked it. Intel assembler, Pascal, Modula-2, Cobol, and several others were required for various projects.

As a kid I was fluent in 6502 assembler and Basic (those good old Kaypro/Vic-20/C-64 days). I also learned a language called Comal, which I had for my C-64. Very cool for doing graphics - learned almost all my algebra using that one.

And of course I am the grand poobah of the M-Script language (only 'cause I created that one ;-)


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I only know the older languages well. Dad saved some old comps for me to learn on. I've got working Vic 20's, C64's, and an Amiga.

relatively proficient
Vic 20: Commodore basic
C 64: Commodore basic, Commodore basic plus
MS PC: GWBasic, Qbasic 4, QuickBasic 4.5 (yes they're different)

training only
MS PC: Visual Basic 4,5,6, HTML, XML

I'm trying to figure out what language to learn for game programming nowadays.



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This thread was my first post that I made a year ago.

It's still going.

that's gotta be some kind of record.
A thread being alove for a year.

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Pretty cool, huh?

Here's mine:
I know some of the easy stuff of C++, Java, PHP & ASP. I know more of Javascript & Flash Actionscript. But I'd say I'm best at HTML

Oh, I shouldn't forget UBB code I'm proficient in that as well

As an artist I think this amount of code knowledge can get me by and I don't think I'll be adding to the list anytime soon


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I was in working in Java for past 4 yrs( all sorts, from small to Big enterprise). The reason was only platform independence.

But i have to admit, though not willingly , a fact that java is slow.

I have found an alternateive now. (not C#).

It is Borland C++. The code in C++ is blazing fast than java and to top it, Boland C++ gives you source code compatibility. Source code written in windows using Borland C++ can be recompiled in Linux/Unix using Kylix.

So i am studying C++ now. .

Sujith Mathew


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C, C++, Python, Java, JScript, C#, VBScript, VB (blech). If I want to be pedantic, there's also Applesoft Basic, Blitz Basic, Logo and probably some Pascal at some point.



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I can do something with: QBasic, HTML, GML(if you count this as a laguage), Blitz Basic, Flash, and darkbasic.

I'm very good with: C, C++, AppleSoft basic, Blitz Basic and Liberty Basic.

I'm learning delphi, OpenGL and hopefuly VB.



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i'll have to go with Benny here....i dont know squat.

i can do a little in HTML and CSS, but these are programming languages....
I am tryignt to teach myself C++....its slow going. at the moment i think i can make a program that does simple calculations. That is all (booooohooooo).

I suppose it is allright, since i just started gettin into this kind of thing a year ago.....(and couldnt use a computer for about 5 months of that year...)




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some HTML, some php, some javascript, blitz2d, blitz3d, a little c++, FireBlitz.

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A little of this and a little of that and some of this and some of that.