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something fishy going on here – klumsy



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something fishy is going on here..
earlier today i came on and there were some messages from teh 13th
one was a devotion and i did a small reply to it
also i repied to somebodies assembler question..
when i was on earlier i noticed the articles section had nothing in it..
anyhow now i come back on and th artticles section is fine
however my messages from yesterday and others messages of today have dissapeared..

i feel the beginning of a good conspiracy theory coming on I do..
(or at least some server problems )

anyhow just thought i'd mention it

God Bless

Karl Prosser
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May God Bless you, he sure does me.



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Sorry about ISP had a major dropout in service and it appeared that all was lost. Fortunately, not *ALL* was lost...but some stuff was.

Well, at least it's back up





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*Sigh* and I just posted another weekly devotion today (yesterday by the CCN's clock) too. Unfortunately I did not save the file elsewhere. I do not feel like writing it again...


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