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Well I must say I am thoroughly blessed by this site. I have been searching for a good Christian programming environment and group and I think I have found something wonderful. Praise be the name of Jesus. I have been burdened with the way the video game industry has been. Everything is pure violence, promoting everything from witchcraft to near out and out satanism. It disheartens me every time I walk by a video game store and look at the covers of games on the shelf. Many people that play these video games would never think of going to church, and reaching them personally would be fairly difficult. Prayer always works, however most people that are into games hard core are fairly antisocial and spend most of their free time playing games. I know, I was one of them, until I met a man named Jesus.
Anyway, I have been very busy in my Christian walk and my ministry, however there always has been that burden for creating Christian computer games. I have wanted to be a game developer since I was very young, and even my father had his own game company, although he passed away when I was 14.
Well now that I have thoroughly bored you stiff with a little peak into my life. I firmly believe that God can use the gaming platform as a method of to reach individuals who would otherwise never hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have had several ideas roll through my head, however I am very active in other things and usually don't get much pc time at home, but if this really is from God than I believe it would work.
I look forward to all that goes on here, even though I may not get on all the time. My church is fairly small, so everyone is usually involved in everything. And of course nothing can beat a good one on one witness of our Lord.
I will be in prayer about this site and about the possibilities and opportunities that may come of it.

May the Lord Jesus Christ be with you always.
Peace be with you




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Hearing about the personal lives of people is never boring! You sound like an interesting person.

Welcome to the CCN! Is there a shorter name which we can call you by? I prefer to be called by my first name, Caleb. Please do not call me "ImSold4Christ" even though it is my UserName.

I'm looking forward to reading what you have to say in your future posts. You sound like a strong Christian. We have quite a few of those here. Hehe, I remember when that one athiest came in here and challenged us to prove Christianity to him logically. Boy did we jump on that one. He never was able to refute everything we said, and we haven't heard from him since. You should read the disscusion though, it's great. It's in the archives, somewhere...

Anyway, welcome!


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