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Terrorist Attacks – krylar



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Please join with me in praying for all of those affected by today's attacks on the United States. I'm 20 minutes outside of Washington, this is really close to home, and it's not fun.





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I just found out about it in the early morning, my prayers and hopes go all to you who live in the states. I can't imagine how it must feel for you all as you try to piece everything back together. For those who have lost loved ones, my heart goes out to you all.


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Just saw it on the news.
It is just so tragic what has happened. All I can do is pray for those whose lives have been devestated by this.




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Today is a sad day for people everywhere.

For anybody who wonders how God could let something like this happen, there's an article in AIG here.

My prayers reach out for all those affected by this tragedy.


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Dear Lord,

We pray earnestly for those whose lives were lost ... and hope that all of them are in your arms now. For their loved ones left behind, give them comfort and healing that only your love can provide.

In our finite wisdom, we stand in stupor. Yet we know that you will work good through this ... help us get out of the way and look forward to the magnificence of your power.

For the parties responsible, show them Jesus' love.




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My sympathy goes out to everybody who has been deeply affected by this tragedy.

Even though i live in England, our whole country came to a stand still, everybody was in complete shock. I was watching Bloomberg at the time, which is broadcasted live from Wall Street, and when i saw the second plane hit in front of my very eyes, i couldn'r beleive.. it still isn't sinking in yet!!

I have a massive respect for your nation, you are a real inspiration.