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I'm looking for a good html editor that lets you edit in both wysiwyg and html, preferably with upload capabilities and preferably with a really cheap (free) pricetag. I've found a couple half decent ones that *don't* let you edit the html itself from within the program, but I want to be able to tweak the code without opening up notepad (and loosing my changes the next time I open the file in wysiwyg mode).

Any recommendations?





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I've heard that Hot Metal Pro is good and reasonably priced, but I've never used it. I'm more of a code it and see what happens kind of guy Just avoid MS FrontPage...ick. At least the older version were ick...maybe there are newer ones.

Good luck!





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Dreamweaver if you can afford it is one of the easiest to use, and unlike FrontPage (evil), doesn't add stuff you don't want to your html. Dreamweaver 4 is has really good CSS support.




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I use the Namo Webeditor. I got it for free from the cover of a computer magazine. Not sure if you can get it free off the net though.

It is mainly WYSIWYG editing, but you can change the HTML, and the program won't override your HTML editing. (99% of the time)

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well... this will just seem annoying probably, but i tend to use VI or latte (unix editers). But for design stuff, I build my "main design" in photoshop (or gimp), cut it to pieces using the good ol' box select tool, save as GIF or whatever, and then tabelise the whole lot in VI, and keep a browser open, and keep "refesh-change-window-do-some-editing-goto-start" sort of thing.

I used to use frontage (98 and 2000), but both kept annoying me more and more with adding HTML i didn't want, and removing stuff i wanted, that eventually i just switched to pure HTML.


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I normally stick with notepad and a free graphics program(Satori and probably GIMP in the future) :-)

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