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Hi again, everybody. I thought I'd ask for some advice, since the people on this message board seem to be older than I am, and have more experience--especially considering that I have none--with college. Also, a (public) college seems like it might sometimes be a harsh place for Christians, so that's my reasoning

Anyway, I'm going to be attending college this fall, and was wondering if there was anything to really be aware of. I've spoken with my dad, he said a few things mostly on getting good grades, but I wasn't able to extract a lot of information, because his college experiences were limited.

So the questions boil down to this: From your experiences, or friends' experiences what would you look out for in college? Would you join any clubs? What kind of classes did you take? Do you think it's better to make it mostly a social event, mostly a study event, or a mixture of both? Did you have fun? Finally, can you think of anything else?

Maybe some info about me would help, so here goes. I've just turned 16, and will be a freshman at the University of Minnesota this fall. I'm sort of shy, but really like learning. I don't really date or anything (by choice...). I really like sports, having fun, and God. Also, I sort of ramble in CC messages at 2:30 a.m..

Well, I'm tired now, but interested in what you guys think. Thanks in advance for any comments, questions, advice, humor, etc.

Mike Weber


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Hi Mike,
Welcome to CCN!

You have a lot of good questions! I'll try to cover the college one. Email me at if you want more input.

I also attended a public college (but was 18 at the time, being 16 may present a few extra challenges for you). The key thing is to get plugged into a good campus ministry. If there isn't a vibrant one, consider starting one yourself! Having this Godly connection will help you through the trials (and if you've had a sheltered life, buckle your seatbelt and start praying!). It wasn't until college that my Christian Walk really started going strong. Plus, this is a great time for you to share Jesus as most college-aged people are looking & wondering if their parent's beliefs are theirs.

You may want to start hunting for the "perfect" student job too (if you want/have to work). Try for the jobs that will pay you but let you get studying done at the same time. The PC Lab assistant job was one of the more sought after ones. Or a work/study position.

No matter what. Keep your faith in God! Study hard but have fun too.


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If you are considering the University experience, you mostly likely should concentrate on your studies. From what I was told, you will probably be in the library all day going through books like a bookworm. Over here, if you flunk even one class, you are kicked out of school forever. Why? Too many students want to take your place.

Really, I am serious and good luck,

St. Cheez
unless they are "giving out A's to everyone" as some say.