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A few years ago I was working with a guy who had written a shareware RPG for children. He actually released three different versions of the software and it was recieved very well. See for details (note all versions ran on the Mac, although he is currently working on a PC version). Anyway, the thing that struck me about his games is that they appealed to an age range usually ignored by other game vendors. That is the K-6 range. Many parents (especially Christian) don't want there young kids playing games with excessive violence and blood which is unfortunately 90% of the games out there. I began talking with this guy about creating an online version of these games, but we never got beyond the talk. I think there is a real ministry opportunity here for making a game like this. I haven't thought through the details so I was hoping that we can come up with something together. The primary forces here would be:

1) Targeted at the k-6 age range
2) Easy and fun to play
3) Christian Based

This could be used as an outreach tool as well!

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Go to It has lots of fun Christian online games just for kids, though I personally think they're great for all ages!