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Hello All,
I have been lurking on this site for several months now and finally got around to registering so I could post. Although I haven't worked on any games recently, I develop medical imaging software ( for a living which actually has quite a bit of overlap with game software. Here is a list of some of the things our software uses/does:
1) Multiple Monitors (between 1 and 5 with varying bit depths!)
2) DirectX/Direct3D
3) OpenGL
4) client/server networking
5) Highly optimized image processing routines
6) 30 FPS at 1200x1600 resolution (blitting, not 3d rendering)
7) ActiveX, MFC, ATL, C++, STL
8) Multiple platforms W95, 98, ME, NT4, W2K

Anyway, my two passions in life are Jesus and writing software. The two haven't crossed over that often in my life, which is what drew me to this site. I look forward to discussing whatever with you guys!

Chris Hafey



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Hiya Chris!

Welcome aboard. Sounds like you've got a great development background going there Exciting stuff! If you have any interest in sharing that knowledge and would like to write some stuff up for publication here (that goes for EVERYONE!!!!), please lemme know.

Again, great to have you with us





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*entire group of people*

Hi Chris

*mack only*

Hello Chris, Welcome to CCTN, The Christian Coders Therapy Network, pull up and chair, or a couch, and tell us all about your childhood.

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Welcome Chris.

I was the same. I hung around the site for several months before I joined. I had to join, because there were some things on this forum I just had to respond to.

Anyway, glad to have someone of your experience on board. I'm sure you'll add to some of our stimulating discussions.