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From: Grawn, MI, USA
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Following in the footsteps of ACW, I'd like to say hi to everybody. Following in his footsteps again I'd like to say that this week, and the 25 or so before it, haven't been all that great. =)
I just stepped on board, so I haven't had much time for moral raising yet, but I hope to get some.

I'm interested in writting articles to help people out, but I don't know what to write about. Maybe I can talk to someone about starting a Q&A section (if one doesn't already exist).

I'd like to start working on a game, but I don't have enough time, or skill in certain areas, to do it. Maybe someone would like to help.

I'd really like to discuss some off the wall religious concepts with some people, but I'm afraid of offending anyone who's a hardcore mainstream christian (not that there's anything wrong with that, just that they don't seem to get along with me to well when it comes to theology).

I'm also interested in this conference idea that's been floating around, maybe we can talk about that some more

Hope to get a chance to meet everyone who's already on board.

Nathan O'Brien
Freelance thinker