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Columbine victims sue video game makers – Briant



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Interesting - but blaming violent video games is only a small part of the problem.

But it will generate good publicity and hopefully encourage parents to deter their kids from playing those games. (And let us hope we can create good games for them to play as an alternative.)





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The only people that will win in this battle will be the lawyers. Useless endevor.

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Well, violent games certainly don't help the situation any, but I don't think you can blame the companies like they're trying to. And especially not trying to exact the sum from them that they are. I agree very much that you can put a price on a human life. But I don't take that to mean that you should try and get as much money as you possibly concievably can. If they wanted to file a criminal lawsuit against these companies, in which the gov't would penalize them for being responsible, and these parents wouldn't see any of the money, I might call that a noble approach. But the fact is that they're just trying to get more money, and that makes them no better then the companies who consciouslessly make these violent games in the name of profits.

On a side note:

Hollenshead, whose company released "Doom" in 1993, described it as a self-defense game, with the player as a space marine stationed on Mars.

"It's basically a shooting game," he said.

Anyone notice the media twisting his words just a little bit?
stuff like that very much bothers me.



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So utterly hollow those kind of games, utterly empty. However I still agree with Revelator.

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People need to realize that the philosophies we teach to kids have impact on what kind of people the kids become. If you teach kids that humans are just another animal, that no one has a right to tell you what is right or wrong for you, that you should do whatever you think will make you feel best.. perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised when Kids eventually start to believe those things.. and then act on those beliefs.

In my opinion sueing video game companies for things like this is worse and makes less sense than sueing McDonalds because you got fat eating their food.

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MONKEYS?!?!? heehhh... Revalators right, violent vidoe games is only a PART of it, thought they're not totally innocent, other parts are: Social, err.. say pressures? Yeah, social stuff, the enviroment at home, and of course, the needs of a person, or what a person wants etc. I heard of this one couple, guy 18, girl 14. They chatted on the internet and got to know each other, but the girl's parents didn't like it. The guy wanted the Girl's parents to drop her early curfuw, but her parents refused.

Guy bought a gun, kindapped his "girlfriend" and shot the paretns to death.

very scary, VERY true.

society is messed up. =\

(yes, i know im stupid)

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Here's all the comments!



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people are messed up. nothing is new under the sun. things like this have been happening over and over again. granted, that particular incident is more on the strange side. those two seriously have to go down in my book as one of the more stupider people around.
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since this old thread got dragged up anyway, i'll share my views.

it's not the fault of the video games (entirely). Games are games. There was something wrong with Dylan and Eric, and video games didnt cause it. they certainly didnt do anything to make Dylan and Eric into shiny happy butterfly children, but you cant blam the games for the crimes of the people who happen to play them. I bet you about 1 billion people play video games, and HOW many actually do something like the columbine shooting?

the anger is triggered by something else. That "something" is the root of the issue. Not the games.

I know youth pastors and stuff who play all kinds of games.

But, at the time, the world ate up everything the media fed them about the shootings. For some real, DECENT media concerning the shootings, go read Jon Katz's articles "Tales from the Hellmouth" on /.

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