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Had to share this one:

A missionary takes his dog with him to Africa. After a couple of days the dog gets bored and decides to exploring through the jungle.

During his exploration, a leopard spots the dog and thinks "ooooh! food!". The dog also spots the leopard but pretends like he doesn't see it. Dog thinks "Oh no! I'm toast...gotta be cool..."

The dog, keeping the same pace, cuts a couple of corners and stumbles upon a pile of bones. He gets an idea. He hunkers down by the bones and starts chewing on one of them. The leopard comes up behind the dog and the dog says out loud: "Man! That was some good leopard. With any luck I'll find another leopard around here to eat." The leopard quickly backs away thinking "Woah! I had no idea dogs were that tough. I better get out of here, and quick!"

A monkey, who watched the entire ordeal truly appreciates the dog's genious, but figures that if he tells the leopard what the dog was doing, maybe the leopard will be grateful enough to leave the monkey be in the future. Believing it to be a good plan, the monkey jumps out of the tree and runs after the leopard. The dog sees the monkey and figures his he decides to stay put and try to overhear the conversation.

Sure enough, the monkey rats out the dog. "Hey leopard, you know that dog back there?" "Yeah," says the leopard. "He almost ate me!" "No!" replied the Monkey. "He was pulling your leg. He found that pile of bones and acted that way so YOU wouldn't eat HIM!"

The leopard was really angry. "I can't believe I've been had that way! Thanks, monkey, I owe you one. Now, I'm going to get that dog!" The monkey nodded and said "Mind if I watch?". The leopard agreed and told the monkey to hop up onto his back. They trotted back toward the dog.

The dog was thinking and thinking and thinking. Finally the leopard was right behind the dog, monkey on his back, when the dog said out loud: "I wonder where that stupid monkey is? Just can't trust him. It's been at least an hour since I sent him to bring back some more leopard."






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