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Perhaps you will have known what this message was about before you even clicked on the link. Maybe, maybe not.

A turbo prop plane carrying a couple Oklahoma State University reserve basketball players, 2 pilots, a broadcast play-by-play announcer and some OSU staff crashed near Denver, CO yesterday (Jan. 28th). It was reported as a high impact crash and the latest from CNN reports that it will take some time to identify the bodies. As a Cowboy fan this tragedy has hit me hard, as it seems, almost everyone here in Oklahoma.

To me the biggest lost has been the play-by-play announcer Bill Teegins. He always had a positive approach as the local sports anchor at one of the stations here in Oklahoma City. He has been around for as long as I have been listening to sports on the radio. His enthusiasim for the games that he covered was unparralled. I could almost say that he had to have known Jesus.

I have only been able to hear reports that two of the 10 people who died were believers, among them the play-by-play announcer that I have previously mentioned and one of the basketball players. Death has always seemed to surround us Oklahomans in some form or the other, yet it seemed that the death of this man of God, Bill Teegins, has pierced our hearts more universally than any other tragedy, including mine.

I write this note just to ask for your prayers for the families of those who were slain in the crash and for everyone who has been touched, in some form or another, by the lives of these crash victims.

May God be praised.




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It's tough to hear things like this. I will certainly keep their families in my prayers.





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Sorry to here about that. I live in NY, but i have an older brother who lives in OK. It's terible about those people in the plane crash. I'll be praying for the familys, and everyone who misses the losses. Just remember that God can use all things for the benifit of the church. Maybe someone will get saved cause of those people.

Just trying to bring you some light
May God bring you peace,