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hi guys i am thinking of taking the scjp(sun certified java programmer) test i haven't coded in java for a while and i need to catch up on my java skills and i want advice on what the best way to do that is and
if you have taken the scjp what are the best ways to to prepare for the scjp??how hard is it?? which scjp do you recommend for me?? and how helpful is it in getting a job??and could you give me some links on how to prepare for the scjp(the ones you think helped you a lot) and some sites (including ) are offering stuff that will prepare you for the test but they would charge you ca$h is it worth paying??

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The following will work for most programming languages (at least common languages):

Buy a decent Java Programming reference book (I have no idea what one is decent just get one which is a reference book rather then a baby step by step book) and read it front to back a few times.
Run through the examples in the book and do your own demos that you want/need to make.