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Combining Two table values to show in the datagrid – DeathFox


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My value in FirstName table is "Albert" and value in LastName table is "Cruz". I have a datagrid on which I wanna show just one column that has "Albert Cruz".

I had the sql statement before which does this but I just reformated my PC Plz help



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This tutorial page shows first how to do that, before going in to join's usage:

So it's basically :

SELECT Table1.firstname, Table2.lastname FROM Table1, Table2 WHERE Table1.firstname='Albert'

I hope that helps.

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If you are using mysql, maybe try this...

SELECT CONCAT(Table1.firstname, ' ', Table2.lastname) AS fullname FROM Table1, Table2

the concatenated name (i.e. combined together) will be returned as "fullname".

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