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Hey everyone, want to be an honorary Team KAIZEN member? If you have a PS3 that is doable now with the Folding@Home project (F@H)!!!

What F@H is is a joint venture between Sony Computer Entertainment and Stanford University, and basically what you do to help is donate the time your PS3 typically would be turned off--instead of turning it off you run the F@H software along with millions of other people across the globe--this software helps map genes and the like within our bodies with the hopes of better understanding and (eventually) curing diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

How does TK factor in? Well, in the F@H program you can create teams of people, and we created the team Team KAIZEN within it---all you have to do is get inside the program and click the option to join a team, then enter the number 55264 and your profile will be a part of Team KAIZEN, also thusly making you an honorary TK member---so if you have a PS3 please join up with us to donate the time we weren't even using to help others :-)

(LOL sorry if this sounds too up-beat-press-release like, but I think this is an awesome program and we are psyched to be a part of it!)

Edit: Looks like you can use a Mac or Intel-based PC as well, the site is check it out!!


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