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It looks like CCN doesn't like unicode apostrophes in post titles. This thread is in reply to this thread by Warsong, that is currently unreplyable-to.

There is a lot of content in your post Warsong, but I'm going to address one small issue that has irked me in the past, and since you brought it up again, I would like to comment on it again.

Originally posted by warsong:
Ok the point is that Christian games can sell but it is not being encourages or supported.

I heartily agree that we should support and encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ as they seek to develop good Christian-based entertainment.

So what puzzles me is the rant that prefaced your post:

Originally posted by warsong:
I tried out a demo of the Christian game Eternal force from Left Behind games. The game was boring and out of all the demos that was the least likable despite me getting other bad games that play the same. Some might like it but I wonder if Christians force themselves to try it out longer to like it since I know I did. I didnít like that it takes 1-2 min to load and you die within 1 min of walking around getting bored with the annoying controls. Well the game got a 3 out of 5 on the site, maybe 1 for effort, 2 for it being Christian.

I know you say you like to "tell it like it is", but it's not hard to note that there is not one positive or encouraging comment in your entire rant against LBG. Scripture says that we should encourage one another and build each other up -- not just tear each other down and leave them there. A little constructive criticism can go a long way. Christian game developers get ripped on enough from secular critics -- we don't need our Christian brothers and sisters doing nothing but the same. Yes, LBG has issues -- anyone can see that. But if things are as you say and Christian games need encouragement and support, a great place to start might be with yourself.

I appreciate your fervor and your zeal for such things, but it often comes across as very harsh, unkind, and unloving.

Now please don't see me as defending Left Behind Games and holding it up as some pinnacle of Christian-based gaming excellence -- I'm not a fan of the Left Behind franchise (yes, I have read a couple of the books) or the entire pop-culture end-times-fever that it has been riding on. I have just noticed you doing this in the past (for instance, I don't seem to recall you having anything positive to say about Interactive Parables in another rant of yours), and so I wanted to point it out again.

In Christ,

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