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Left Behind? Whatís so special? – warsong

I tried out a demo of the Christian game Eternal force from Left Behind games. The game was boring and out of all the demos that was the least likable despite me getting other bad games that play the same. Some might like it but I wonder if Christians force themselves to try it out longer to like it since I know I did. I didnít like that it takes 1-2 min to load and you die within 1 min of walking around getting bored with the annoying controls. Well the game got a 3 out of 5 on the site, maybe 1 for effort, 2 for it being Christian.
You can download the 200mb demo game of it at

Its not that non Christian games are better but better marketed. Donít Christians go to marketing or know what makes things addicting or they donít want to make something good addicting and let the immoral atheists (not including the moral ones) make games like GTA to get an M rating. Come on who now we know they intended to put those things in the game and inform people later by releasing tips on how to do it. Not like someone will waste time making a crack for things that doesnít exist.

The reason why companies donít care to make Christian games despite that they know it has a market is that they donít want people to be influenced in a good way but bad. The more messed up people are the better they to do what they want.

As the non Christian (or anti Christian) Henry A. Kissinger said "Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy." And thatís a nice comment compared to others ones, he let entire Christian communities be slaughter in Malaysia which is why which is not predominantly Muslim. Well since they are animals maybe PETA should protect animal rights more to include us. The point is if a politician that is their to be for the peoples best interests that doesnít care to treat them right and uses people as paws then what does that mean about companies that donít have a duty for people in what they sell? Obviously noting. Even people that go out to eat you have 80% of chefs that admit that they donít care about the heal and calories about the food and they cook only to make the good taste good. Odd use to be that going out you ate the same things at home but better but now its worse which if anyone saw a cooking show or seen the inside of a working restaurant as we talked about before it is very bad.

Ok the point is that Christian games can sell but it is not being encourages or supported. Even movies that are Christians are not supported like the Passion but when it is the ones that are against it still make money which despite it being one step back it is still 10 steps forward in profits in what they get. But they donít do it for the money but for the message. They can make money easily selling bad influenced entertainment and they benefit from the message they sell in the story or theme and in the revenue.

The game industry has no real competition and when you have a moral game being made in Japan it is not sold in the US like a helicopter rescue game but only outside of the US. If you look at the top games in the US vs. Japan you will see a big difference. Sure Japan may have immoral shows on tv like we talked about before but the US is surpassing them in immorality which makes a secular nation like Japan look moral which means bad news doe the US.

Maybe its no wonder since US did attack and remove Christian/secular leader to replace them with fanatical Muslims then complain about the Muslim which is insane. Did you know that Saddam Husseinís right hand man Tariq Aziz was a Christian and Christians were better off with him than without him? If you say no then talk to the Christians that lives their. Or former Palestinian leader Arafat that his wife Suha and kids are church going Christians despite the US that says the ďallĒ Muslims donít get along with Christians. It almost seems like maybe they say that to cause problems with Christians so no Christians are their? I see a trend of Christians being ousted for Muslim leaders around the word. Maybe the Christians are evil and they are not telling us? lol

Here is a video game chart of top games in US vs. Japan If anyone else has a better chart then post it.

games that reached 6 million
US = PS2 Take 2 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 6.47
Japan= FC(nes) Nintendo Super Mario Bros. 6.81
Big difference in games in what they favor

US =Next top 3
N64 Nintendo Super Mario 64 5.94
PS2 Take 2 Grand Theft Auto 3 5.51
PS2 Take 2 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 5.14

Japan= Next top 3
GB Nintendo Tetris 4.24 GB Nintendo Super Mario Land 4.19
GB Nintendo Super Mario Land 4.19
PS Enix Dragon Quest VII: Soldiers from Eden 4.06

Do you see a trend? Mario 64 did well in the US since it was the first well done 3d game made in Japan. While the US seems to lack in creativity in some ways and is good at selling extreme profanity, violence, and sex which many people here crave it seems because they are conditions like that unlike Japan. Even the guy that ran E3 was secular but I would guess anti Christian as well.
Japanís titles consist of more family oriented games for everyone. Odd how Dragon Quest beat out final fantasy 7 which got 2.3 million, but Squaresoft seems to make a lot of the characters look like girls and girls like boys, and they seem to have a obsession with characters like that and to look like teens or preteens to act sophisticated. Maybe another odd form so perversion that they might be obsessed with.

The game industry is so bloated up itís not doing as well and it is deteriorating from the inside like a rotten apple it seems like which many in the industry admit. Nintendo has no problems with the new game system and it not worried about PS3 or Xbox360 since they battle for adult content while Nintendo tries to get kids with some practical games and they are starting to make some learning game or brain games more for kids and adults, while the others try to reach for realism in debauchery it seems. Who knows maybe another GTA or might come out where you play a pimp or porn star, or did they do that already? I donít know I donít keep track. Well Japan has street fighter while US makes mortal kombat, hmm it seems likes itís in the culture that many want these types of extreme games.

Japan is very proud and ethnocentric which they will not buy American since they support Japan since they know that if they buy from foreigners it hurts them since they understand that its 1 step forward and 10 steps back, while in the US the ideology seems reverse to be 1 step forward since many take things at face value and 10 steps back. You can see the sales of consoles from Japan here
Many donít realize what will hurt them and sell this ideology if it makes you happen now get it, but again as mentioned it how bad influence entertainment which is related to politics sine they let it happen helps in a way. India is a 3rd world nation but they got the best school in the world and Harvard is for failures that canít get accepted. Their form of movies donít even consist of even kissing which they find it stupid and the movies have to have at least 11 musicals to be good, while over here a movie has to be controversial and have 2 men kissing for something to do well since it seems like people are mad to be compelled to see that in a way.

A real Christian nation or how US was more Christian 50 years ago they would boycott the movie theater while now people donít take action and complain and have people on TV that vents for them instead of making a petition or avoiding every movie the company and the actors make which seems like people have no backbone. The point was that it doesnít benefit to have Christian entertainment since Christians have power if they just stop being brainwashed or at least act as Christians than saying that they are. You can see this also if you compare time line of entertainment from 50 years ago till now.

Thatís my opinion, if you donít like it then that is why you have your own.

PS. Warning! Don't comment on the PS in the post. If anyone starts off messing with this post and derailing it then that means you want to go to Hell so any side comments not welcomed. So no one distort freedom of speech about that point or derail since look how society has turned to by selling you games that help you be a vulgar pimp, killer, and slut thanks to distorted freedom of speech which stepped on real freedom of speech. That is what is called 1 step forward 10 steps back.