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To gauge the need for a Resource Pool by the Christian game developer community I've set up a simple area for assets on the ACE FTP. If this area is used often and by many members we'll take a look at spending further money to complete Phase 3 of the website, which would include a nice system for managing all assets.

Please contact me via Private Message to ask for the User and Password for the Resource Pool. Please ALWAYS use file compression of some type for your contributions since we only have a limited amount of space (I recommend WinRAR).

Put your files under the Assets directory. I set up directories for all the types of Assets (textures, sounds, etc). Please try to keep your files in the appropriate locations. For easy management, feel free to set up a member folder under each asset type. For example, any textures from XrucifiX would be under /Assets/Textures/XrucifiX

Speaking of XrucifiX, when I find time this week I'll be uploading the assets we're contributing.

Mack already went through our old EW: SOL stuff and uploaded it. A texture pack from CCN's Ereon is also on there. We'll be uploading even more stuff over time. I'll also contact other developers and see what they're willing to contribute.