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i just have one question. does anyone know any good books, websites, anything that explains the vb6 syntax in depth? i can't(or it's extremely hard to) learn how to do anything in it because everybook i get explains the vb6 interface, and explains programming concepts, but never how to actually do something. i need to know the language if i'm going to get anything done. i still have my little todo app to finish, and i want to do some other small apps for windows. anything would be appreciated.

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One great place that I learned a lot about VB6 was at Planet Source Code -- they have tons of great examples on just about every possible subject, and you can learn a lot about how to program just for looking there.

The book that taught me to program in Visual Basic was Visual Basic" by Peter Wright. It's a very good and readable book -- if you have any money to spend on learning this stuff, I'm sure you can find it for a very inexpensive price.


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