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For an aspiring wanna-be professional programmer
I see numerous paths that may lead to a job that uses current technologies.

* There is the Java, J2EE, IBM Web Sphere path

* There is the .NET, IIS, XML, ASP.NET web applications path

* There is the C++, Win32 API, MFC, DCOM, COM+ path

* There is the SQL, database management, Crystal Reports path

I would like to hear if you have definite plans on learning any of these or other technologies?

Or if you have gone down any of these paths?

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I'd say your best bet is to learn a programming language, Java or .NET based, and master SQL. Java & .NET have similar things going for them. Both have become professional web standard platforms, both are very powerful, and master either one can almost guarantee employment. I used to do some Java development back in college and then some however my job forced me to pickup .NET. Going from Java to C# is actually very easy as the two are almost identical. There were of course some idiosyncrasies but overall it was easy. Personally, I never got into the Win32 thing and never did much C++. However I know some people and companies that do a lot of Win32/C++ development still. The funny thing about .NET is that when you download/install a windows only application, it's most likely written in C++ or Java and not .NET. I've seen .NET in web applications more than I do stand alone applications. As for SQL, learn it. If you know SQL and are even a halfway decent programmer you can do a lot. I don't have any statistical data but I'd venture to say that 95% of development uses a database of some kind. I write web pages in PHP, JSP, ASP, or ASP.NET for fun and for work but one thing remains the same with all of them. Databases!

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I went down this path (not exactly in that order):

Basic(not VB), C#, Java, C/C++, Assembler, etc...

Deep down I have a passion for C. I never liked SQL but I appreciate those who understand it. For me, it is about as exciting as using Excel.

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I AM travelling this bath:

Blitz basic, C++/C, C#, Java. etc...

so far im still on step one, i have a bad comp (windows... -_-..)

(yes, i know im stupid)

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